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AWG – All Weather Gear Men’s SolidRegular fit T-Shirt (Pack of 3)

Men’s T-Shirt

The T-shirt is one of the most essential easygoing pieces of clothing today. Picking the correct tee can bigly affect style and how great your outfits feel. The shirt’s cut, length, neckline, and actually the entirety of its structure components are somewhat essential checkpoints while picking a shirt. The AWG men’s shirt is basic and adaptable – it’s plain structure with no illustrations imply that they can be worn at easygoing family events, office parties or basically when spending time with companions.


Garments produced using polyester texture have great flexibility, wrinkle opposition, shape maintenance, astounding low maintenance execution and solidness.

This dry fit polyester helps wick dampness away from your body, keeping you dry and without sweat.


This shirt is made for the man who adores sport. Regardless of whether it’s a meeting in the rec center or a round of football, this shirt is intended to keep you agreeable and concentrated on the movement you’re occupied with.

Regular Fit

A regular or classic fit has a straight fit from the chest to the waist. The arm holes are also generous. A regular fit T-shirt is wider to the body as compared to the slim fit.

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