Seerat Kapoor goes bold with ultra Sexy Avatar

After a promising start to her Tollywood career as a girl next door, Seerat Kapoor became choosy about her choice of films. And now her latest racy photos on her social networking account only prove that she has shed her sweet girl image and the transformation is now complete. But what has triggered this makeover? “It wasn’t just an overnight thought, but it’s been on my agenda since long. As an actress, I want to reinvent myself constantly and discover my new side. I felt there’s so much I can do and don’t want to be labelled. I want to surprise the audience with interesting roles,” reasons Seerat.

Her recent pic, where she posed topless, went viral. “I like the idea of my stylist, she wanted to capture the expressive and the feminist side of me. It was aesthetically shot,” says Seerat about her bold act. Check out her recent instagram sexy photos here