Priyanka Chopra shows her best shots for Baywatch Promotions.

‘Baywatch’ might not have got good reviews in the West and it looks like Priyanka Chopra could not be less bothered by them.

After sweeping through the promotions on various late night chat shows, events, screenings and social media, it is time for her to relax.

The 34-year-old-actress took to Instagram and shared a photo of her enjoying some pool time.
She captioned the snap, “..because without a stubborn refusal to accept the limitations of your current story.. you’ll never break through… #just.”
In the picture, the ‘Bajirao Mastani’ star is seen wearing a dark blue bikini with her hair tied in a bun.

Chopra was also seen rocking bikinis when she was in Miami for the world premiere of Baywatch.

The movie is getting negative reviews from all the critics around the world, but Priyanka’s role as the antagonist, Victoria Leeds, has received appreciation . Check it all of her recent shots for baywatch promotions