Katrina Kaif spices in tiny shorts at beach.

Katrina Kaif has two themes running through her social media accounts — how to stay happy and how to stay fit. The actor also knows how to mix the two together to come up with the best photos on Instagram. In fact, her photos on Instagram are so vibrant that we are forced to ask, does Katrina Kaif ever have a dull day? Her Instagram profile seems to oscillate between cute and hot pictures. This Monday she ditched her glamorous demeanour to be more like herself: simple yet stunning.
Her new post is about making most of every moment. Katrina shared this new picture with some insightful thoughts, “Here’s to a happy breezy Monday. May the force be with you.” Taken at a beach, Katrina’s photograph is devoid of any glamour yet makes a statement. She never looked so free spirited. Shah Rukh Khan was probably right when he said, “Instagram will be so much prettier now. Please welcome my friend, the lovely Katrina Kaif.”. Check out her latest photos.