Manali Rathod hot thighs show in mini shorts

With a film hitting cinemas, many actors featuring in it put all their hopes on it. Same is the case with actress Manali Rathod who is stuck to all those side-characters and second heroine roles all these days. She’s now featuring as one of the heroines in “Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor” movie.
Generally, director Vamsy revolves his films around heroine characters and Manali is playing the role of Ammulu in the movie. Guess what, she’s is completely elated with the role and her only song in the movie “Ravivarma Chitrama” is getting fantastic applause already. Here comes a crazy feeling this heroine had during the promotions of this film.

As promotions of the film are in full-swing, Manali Rathod’s interview snippets got printed all over the newspapers and tabloids other day. In one particular English daily, her news is printed to the top edge of cinema page while a star heroine’s news is at the foot of her. Looking at that composition, we hear that Manali had her heart pounding as that gave her a feeling that currently, she’s even above that star heroine and check out her hot thighs show in mini shorts