Sizzling Chandini Chowdary sports an English look in new telugu movie

Chandini Chowdary, who is currently working on a couple of Telugu films, will be seen in an impactful role in her forthcoming film Manu, starring Gautham Raja and directed by Phanindra Narisetti.

“I know Phanindra so well because we worked together earlier on a short film Madhuram. I know his abilities and did not even listen to the script of Manu, although he insisted. The suspense thriller is laced with elements of romance and mystery. We had a two-month workshop for script reading, dialogues, rehearsals, etc. before commencing shooting,” shares Chandini.

Describing her role, she explains, “I play Neela, an intelligent young girl who is interested in science, arts and creativity. It is a role that I have never portrayed before. Shooting for a screenplay based film with a 1980’s backdrop was a different experience. I will be sporting an English look, and wearing gowns. Also, mouthing several pages of dialogues at one go was a bit difficult.”