Hot and Spicy Photoshoot

Trying her hand at new and exciting stuff has been her thing for a while, says actress Rajshri Ponnappa, which explains her decision to pursue Kathak as an adult. Currently pursuing Level 4 in Kathak, Rajshri is so passionate about the dance form that she has chosen it as her field of study for a PhD. “It’s been a dream to havRajshri Ponnappae a Dr prefix to my name, and I have realized I can do it with dance,” she says.
But while she figures out a dissertation topic, Rajshri has already found a new passion, which she is pursuing with equal elan. Just days after Jacqueline Fernandez stunned movie lovers with her prowess on the pole for the song Chandralekha from A Gentleman, Rajshri lets us in on a secret. “For the past three months, I have been training pole dancing under Roksolana Chubenko (Lana Roxy), who is behind Jacqueline’s amazing show as well. My interest in the dance form began with wanting to do a hand stand and having more control over my body. I then saw someone do a human flag on a pole and I was determined that I wanted to get there as well, and that’s when I began training. It is only when we got started that I realized where I really stood with regard to my physical fitness. Despite years of dance, yoga and other forms of exercise, I had to work on my core strength. One of the key elements of pole dancing is to introduce the idea of supporting your entire body weight on your shoulders, and that was tough. I have bruised a lot over the past few months, but I have made progress and am confident of getting to my goal soon,” says the actress.
And now that Jacqueline has everyone going gaga over her performance, Rajshri is hoping that interest in the dance form will pick up significantly. “Pole dancing is a really beautiful act, and just like belly dancing became hot in filmi circles, this has potential too,” she signs off.