Shanvi Srivastava talkes about her forthcoming move and her cute pics.

he is an actress who caught people’s eye right from her debut, in Chandralekha, and later with Master Piece. Shanvi Srivastava says that there are a few films that connect with you instantly, as an artiste, and Saheba is one such for her.

Despite the long delay, she is excited about the movie. Saheba, she says, is a simple movie with a “peaceful kind of script” with not too much of masala. “People who love quiet movies will like this film,” she says. “As an actress, you don’t get such scripts every day.”

Having said that, Shanvi agrees that signing up for experimental movies is a risk, especially when the viewers are used to seeing you in commercial potboilers. “A different kind of a film is always a risk,” she says. “But actresses or actors must keep attempting them, irrespective of the results. We can’t predict the Kannada audience’s taste these day, which film will appeal to them. Even the mass audience, who like softer melodramas, may enjoy Saheba.”

Shanvi, who has mostly worked with established actors right from her first film, says that debutant Manoranjan is familiar with the workings of the industry. “To the Sandalwood world, Ravichandran’s son is a newcomer, but Manoranjan is an actor in the making,” she says. “He knows the who’s who of the industry, actresses like Khushboo personally sent her wishes for his debut. During the shoot, I felt more like a newcomer in front of him. The way he approached his acting and took suggestions from people around, he doesn’t come across as a newcomer. Coming from a cinema family, he knew how everything works. But whatever his background, his first film will determine his success… As a person, he is chilled out and has a good heart.”

Shanvi’s says that there are many takeaways for the audience from Saheba, and the highlight is its climax. “Its is a feel-good film and, as an actress, I get to portray different shades and it was a satisfying role,” she says. “Nobody will return disappointed because there is nothing in the movie that you will not like.”
She adds that the viewer has to watch the movie very closely. “They should not miss the undercurrent in it,” she says. “If they do, they may not like it much… this is my honest opinion. There are small details you must pay attention to. In fact, it took a while for me to follow the film. I watched the rough cut and thought that it was good that I did not listen to the story narration by director Bharath.”

Shanvi also met Manu’s father,. “He has a charm that can win over any girl,” she says. “Moreover he knows cinema inside-out, and he carries an aura with him. I wish I could be part of a movie he directs. I know how he picturises his heroines and he makes them look good on screen. He does not show them as an ‘item’, instead captures them beautiful