Sexy Shriya in an insipid role

Glam diva Shriya Saran could be sulking in silence for her inconsequential role in her latest release ‘Paisa Vasool’. She plays an investigative scribe who is on sting operation to expose dreaded don Bob Marley, but her character fizzles out, once Balakrishna begins his journey for the same.

Although, branded as a glam girl, Shriya has proved her mettle as an actress in films like ‘Nuvve Nuvve’, ‘Santhosham’ and ‘Nennunanu’. Just recently, she matched strides with Balakrishna in ‘Gautamipurtra Satakarni’ as a regal princess who is caught between her warrior husband and kid.

When she was signed to play the lover girl of Nandamuri star once again, everyone felt, that she could pull off another powerful role, but it wasn’t the case. Besides, she lost her screen space to other glam girls like Muskaan and Kyra Dutt and ended up portraying a poorly-etched role.