Anu Emmanuel’s liberating experience

Anu Emmanuel says that she’s enjoying the life of an actress ever since she debuted as the leading lady. However, the doe-eyed beauty states that the toughest challenge she had to encounter was picking up the right roles.

“The toughest part was to pick up appropriate roles following a successful debut, Majnu. Fortunately, I had a slew of Telugu films lined up much before my debut film released, so in a way, I was very lucky. Also, since I am getting opportunities to work opposite stars, it is making my job a bit easy,” says Anu.

Apart from staying away from her parents, the Malayali beauty says that language is another challenge. “Initially, staying away from home for a long time was challenging. Although I was talking to my parents on a regular basis, it was difficult to adjust. However, as I started working more, things became easier. The whole showbiz life — waking up early, erratic schedules, dealing with the industry people is all challenging. But I am enjoying what I am doing and it is making me a better person.