It’s Sultry and sexy as Tina Datta poses in a hot blue bikini

Tina Datta is making fans go crazy and making some of us jealous as she is chilling in a pool. That’s the weekend we want desperately! The actress sports a hot blue bikini and posed in a pool. Well, that is one hot picture and the caption completes it. Tina writes, “Not only the thirsty seek the water,,the water as well seeks the thirsty ~Rumi”. Ah, a sexy picture with a Rumi quote, now that’s the ongoing trend we must say. A lot of actors and even social media savvy people put up hot pics with a line or two written by famous writers.

But this was a different version of ‘What you seek is seeking you’. Remember? From Jab Harry Met Sejal? Anyway, television actresses are all game when it comes to shedding their sanskari avatars. A lot of TV actresses who are usually seen in a saree clad avatar on television put on the sexiest bikini and pose for their Instagram. While a lot of them face social media backlash and unnecessary hate, some actually compliment the celebrities on the Insta post and write the sweetest things. Looks like body-shaming on social media is something that won’t stop for a long time now.

Check out this picture of Tina in a blue bikini right here.