AMY Jackson Hot and Sultry Photoshoot

When Amy Jackson finally comes to write her autobiography it will read like a 21st-century fairy tale. At 25, the Liverpudlian actress has a face that has launched more than a dozen multimillion-budget movies. She has wealth beyond her wildest dreams, acclaim she never imagined and assistants to fulfil her every need.

Yet Amy can walk down London’s King’s Road – where we meet for tea and cake – unnoticed. Because it’s in India, not the UK, that she is a superstar of stellar proportions (think Taylor Swift meets Angelina Jolie and times that by ten) with a devoted following of millions – four million on Instagram alone.

After eight years starring in Bollywood blockbusters, she has won basket-loads of awards and nominations and been named Most Desirable Woman 2014 in a poll by the Chennai Times, which declared: ‘Amy Jackson can scorch the screen with her mere presence.’ Check out her this hottie lastest hot pics