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GQ-India-Radhika-Apte-Seductive (9)

Radhika ultra hot seductive photoshoot for GQ India

Radhika Apte has always been known for her strong characters and bold image. Living up to this image, Apte recently appeared in a photoshoot for GQ where she donned a…


Radhika Apte Ultra Hot poses for GQ

There are beautiful actresses and there are bold actresses, and then there is the rare category of bold beauties. Radhika Apte belongs to the third category. Radhika believes in breaking…

Radhika-Apte-Open-Shirt-Hot-Cleavage (2)

Hot Radhika Apte open up shirt with Hot cleavage show at Vogue India Event.

The sassy actress Radhika Apte has always chosen to do things differently, and her choice of outfit for the event is testimony to it. However, this time she took it…


Radhika Apte looks absolutely stunning in Verve magazine cover shoot

Radhika Apte is not only an exceptionally talented actor but also someone who is bold and beautiful with a great sense of style. It’s always been a delight to spot…

Radhika-Apte-Bikin-Shots (3)

Radhika Apte In A Bikini in Private Vacation

Radhika Apte is definitely having the time of her life as she enjoys her Tuscan vacation. The actress, who has taken a much-needed vacation with husband Benedict Taylor, has been…

radhika-hot-body-damn-sexy (3)

Radhika Apte Damn Sexy Shots

Radhika Apte strikes back and how! This beautiful and talented lady has set the temperatures soaring with her latest photoshoot It is hard for anybody to outclass the sexiness of…


Hot Radhika Apte Cleavage show for Wedding Times Photoshoot

Hot Radhika Apte Cleavage for Wedding Times Photoshoot